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Cleaning Services

Fresh and clean accommodation in good working order is essential to guest satisfaction and good reviews.

Our cleaners are carefully selected for their honesty and hard work.

All cleans are management supervised.

Changeover cleans:
• Beds are stripped and linen inspected for damage
• Laundry is itemised by manager and taken away
• Beds are made up with fresh linen.
• All spare linen is locked away
• Bathrooms and kitchen are thoroughly cleaned
• All bin bags, toilet paper and paper towels are supplied
• All appliances, air conditioners, and lights are checked to ensure proper functioning
• All taps and toilets are checked for leaks

Deep or spring cleans:
These cleans are normally done after rental season and are discussed with the owner.
These cleans can incorporate
• Steam cleaning of tiles and shower cubicles
• Steam or dry cleaning of carpets, rugs, mattresses or sofas
• Pressure washing of patios, garden furniture, awnings and pool surrounds
• Pressure washing of driveways and boundary walls

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When your property is unoccupied at intervals throughout the year it can be a cause for concern.

Property Management Javea provides you with a complete management service which will ensure that your property is given regular care all year round.

Safekeeping of the property keys

Twice a month visit to the property to perform the following services:
• Run all taps and flush toilets to stop scale build up in the boiler, pipes and toilets
• Open all windows to air the property and prevent dampness/mould
• Run air-conditioners to keep solenoid valves functioning properly
• Check for leaking taps, toilets and pipes
• Check all windows and doors for damage and ensure they close and lock properly
• Check that all shutters are secure
• Check alarm system where applicable

After guest departure:
• Inspect property for any damage.
• Report any incident or breakage to owner and advise on return of deposit
• Descale kettle
• Clean air-conditioner filters
• Check and replace remote control batteries when needed
• Check and replace light bulbs when needed

3rd party work:
• Monitor work being done by 3rd party
• Report on progress or completion
• Advice owner whether payment should be made


Javea Property

When your guests arrive, it is important for their peace of mind to be met by an efficient and friendly person to assure them that all their needs will be taken care of during their stay.

Property Management Javea provides a complete guest management service.

Your guests are met at your property on arrival and informed of:
• House rules – supplied by Owner
• Operation of kitchen appliances
• Operation of air-conditioners and not to leave them on when not necessary
• Operation of Wi-Fi and code
• Operation of TV
• Waste disposal and recycling policy
• Check out procedure and time
• Location of supermarkets, cafes and restaurants
• Places of interest and brief history of the area

Should your property be licenced by the Tourist Board, you are required to register your guests within 24hrs of arrival. This procedure may not be done via e-mail and guests are required to sign the registration.

Property Management Javea provides the following Registration service:
• Guests identity documents are scanned
• Guest signatures collected
• Information submitted to the Guardia Civil
• Guest register maintained and made available for inspection

Property Management Javea will contact the following in the case of Emergency:
• Doctor
• Ambulance
• Local Police
• Guardia Civil
• Consulate
• Interpreter

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